Comprehensive business automation with Odoo ERP and CRM

Works on all device types

Odoo is a good choice for small, medium and large companies due to its scalability and flexibility.

What problems can you solve with Odoo?

Odoo is a multifunctional system, comprising features of ERP and CRM, which fits well small, medium and large enterprises

Data security and decentralization

Data centralization

All data is located in one place and not scattered in various systems

Security and access management

Ensuring access control and data security. You can provide access to various departments, users or entities.

Absence of business processes automation

Sales funnel automation

Leads, orders and status management

Document workflow automation

Automation and streamlining document workflow.

Production automation

Asset management and production operations optimization

Customized solutions for any type of business

Customization for individual needs

Adaptatioin of functionalities according unique needs of your business

Turnkey solutions

Ready-made modules for any industry

Enterprise resource management and allocation


Full accountancy and financial management

Production and warehouse management

Effective production and warehouse management

Physical retail and online sales

Odoo sales module is an effective tool to manage online sales and physical retail process


Odoo is an effective solution for transportation and logistics management, allowing real-time data access, route optimization and fleet management

Communicatioin with customers and staff

Improving communicatioin with customers

Odoo provides a variety of tools to improve service level and cooperation with and customers

Staff communication

Odoo functionality is highly beneficial for the cooperatioin and smooth exchange of data.

Production automation

Asset management and production operations optimization

Creation of website

A great tool for creation of landing pages

Odoo has an embedded website builder, providing swift and flexible solution to create professional sites in minutes.

A great tool for creation of e-Commerce

Run a modern open-source online store with Odoo eCommerce. Learn how to sell online, promote products and increase your average cart sizes.

Odoo eLearning

It is an easy-to-use Learning Management System for learners and trainers. Upload any content, assess students progress, and keep their interest peaked at all times..

Free advice and recommendations

Free recommendation regarding Odoo implementation and analysis of your business in one hour.​​​​

Opportunities for business
of all kinds!








Point of Sale





Field Servicet




Social Marketing

Email Marketing







... and many others


Odoo marketing modules automate marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, and customer engagement.

They also provide analytic tools for monitoring and optimizing marketing strategies, facilitate targeted email campaigns, integrating with CRM for personalized communication with leads and customers. 

Sales management
Sales management modules streamline the sales process from lead generation to order fulfillment, enabling efficient tracking of sales opportunities and customer interactions.
These modules allow more focus on customer relationship management, providing tools to manage leads, contacts, and customer communications.
Financial management

Odoo financial applications handle financial transactions, invoicing, and expense tracking with comprehensive financial reporting and analysis tools, streamline the invoicing process, allowing for the creation and management of invoices. They seamlessly integrate with other financial modules for accurate accounting.

HR Management & Recruiting

Odoo modules cover the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to performance evaluation, manage employee data, attendance, and HR-related processes. Payroll processing is automated, ensuring accurate and timely salary disbursement.


Inventory and Manufacturing

Manufacturing, inventory, management procurement, quality control goods, maintenance

Project management and planning

Project management, service customer support, dynamic planning, appointment meetings


Website builder

Visual website builder, various blocks, shapes, integrated library photos and illustrations, SEO optimization, open source code for implementing your own ideas.


Odoo modules for ecommerce facilitate online sales by managing product listings, shopping carts, and payment gateways. They may be integrated with inventory and sales modules for synchronized e-commerce operations.


Management Management system employee training, which allows you to study at community with others, share knowledge create courses.

On-line chat

Answer the questions customers in the mode real time

Odoo integration with other services

If you did not see the desired integration in the list above, just write to us which integration you are interested in and our specialist will provide all the necessary information  
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Case studies

Community Enterprise Odoo 14 Odoo 15 Odoo 16

Discover the latest success stories and learn how we helped our clients achieve thier goals.


Odoo project approach 

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Frequently asked ERP questions by Business owners

Odoo is an ERP software solution with a dual license model. The target group is companies of all sizes. Odoo includes a large number of modules. These include CRM, website/e-commerce, accounting, financial accounting, production, warehouse management, project management, document management and a variety of third-party modules.

The Odoo Community version is the basic version of the Odoo ERP system. The community version is mostly used by smaller companies and service providers. This is mainly due to the fact that the community version is open source and released under the GNU LGPL, includes decent basic functionalities and comes with some modules out of the box.

The Odoo Enterprise version offers a variety of additional features and application possibilities. The Enterprise version is the extension to the Community version. Odoo Enterprise is especially interesting for companies that focus on consulting, human resources and project management.

The Community and Enterprise editions differ not only in the user interface and support services, as well as the cost factor, but also in additional features within various modules and their connectivity options. Odoo Community is offered as free open source software, Odoo Enterprise in a paid license model.

If the Odoo platform shows that our database is about to expire, we need to update our subscription. The button with the same name is located directly under the red highlighted hint field. We can then continue or extend the subscription. For further, outstanding questions we get a contact person listed.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and describes with an ERP system a web-based software solution for resource planning and management of a company. An ERP system integrates comprehensive business applications, manages company data and stores it in one or more central databases. ERP systems offer numerous connection options to other systems.

ERP systems are mostly web applications and consist of interconnected IT components that enable the management of business processes and existing resources. These systems are based on one or more central SQL databases that enable fast retrieval of data on various devices or from external services.

There are hundreds of thousands of ERP software available in the market, both Opensource and paid as well. To choose the right one among this is indeed an arduous task. But this choice can be made simpler. It purely depends upon your requirements and your expectation out of implementation. Prepare a requirement document and give it to different vendors and ask him to mark in details with explanation against each point, whether the point you are mentioned is available in the advanced manufacturing software or is it a workaround or is its customization. Likewise, identify the best fit for your needs. If it is opensource or paid, check how many years the product is in the market, what is the customer feedback and identify the application which is chosen by the majority. If your budget is less go for open source or else if you have a good IT team and expects a big change is a software again go for opensource. Go for paid ones only if your specific requirement is directly meeting in paid and if it is not available in Opensource and if the payment is within your budget.

CMS, from the English Customer Relationship Management, is about mapping the relationship with the customer as a core process in the company, especially in the areas of sales and marketing. A CMS, or content management system, is software for creating, editing, organizing and displaying digital content on websites.

IT support employees answer customer inquiries, develop solutions to problems and organize the monitoring and maintenance of IT systems. IT support is now used by a large area of digitalized companies. From small digital POS systems to large data centers, everything is covered and the spectrum continues to grow.

With ever-increasing demands for more complex products and their digital solutions in any field, customer support has become a key element. IT support not only ensures functional servers and user clients, but also promotes the growth of IT infrastructures.​

For individual adjustments of functionalities of complex components of a website, whose connections of additional functions are in focus, a web developer is needed. This person can create specific adaptations or modules not provided by other developers or restructure already existing components or entire platforms.​

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