5 Ways DevOps Will Save You Money

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5 Ways DevOps Will Save You Money
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Tech companies are in constant pursuit of creating and improving their products faster. As a result, DevOps became a popular technique, as it helps to improve collaboration between development and operations teams and efficiency within the delivery pipeline. It allows automated working processes and equips all team members with the tools and knowledge to swiftly respond to real-time challenges. Furthermore, it eliminates a 'siloed' philosophy and increases interaction between various parties. Here we will see how DevOps can improve the software development process, ultimately ramp up the speed, and serve cost-saving purposes.

Decreasing release costs

Decreasing release costs

A formidable DevOps strategy allows developers to release the chunks of the code faster without a detrimental effect on the quality of the final product. In addition, some parts of the process are automated, inevitably reducing costs. Automation accelerates the development process and frees up time to undertake other tasks. Any additional contracted activity the company uses to meet the tight timelines is no longer necessary, so shorter development times eventually reduce expenditures.

Inciting innovation

There is another upside to the implementation of the DevOps strategy – it brings more innovation to the development process by giving developers more time to work on other projects. Since they have more space for creativity, they can pay more attention to some aspects of the project that have been continuously neglected or devise new features. If those turn out to be successful, there is no need to say that your company will be the ultimate winner, earning more money after successful releases or reduced time-to-market.

Decreasing infrastructure spending

Infrastructure costs increase in parallel with the company's growth, which means buying new storage hardware and messing with outdated software. But there is no room for such things with DevOps because the entity should migrate to a cloud environment to implement a workable DevOps strategy. Although it sounds complicated, plenty of solutions will simplify the process today. So spending time on the transfer is worth it. Such a move will reduce infrastructure costs and save money for the company.

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Highlighting cross-departmental issues

A few things are usually done within the enterprise to improve interdepartmental communication. And this often leads to a situation whereby when an issue is resolved in a particular sector, it's unlikely that the impact it might have on other departments, processes, or the whole company would be considered. Therefore, DevOps promulgates active interaction and communication between the development and operations teams by giving them common access to the data at hand. First, such an approach helps to understand how some problems may affect specific processes or more than one domain; second, it highlights the issues that the teams might share. As a result, the company becomes aware of future or current complications faster, and information is distributed to concoct possible solutions, saving money and effort.

Decreasing network downtime

One of the undeniable advantages of the DevOps strategy is that developers can fix problems in real-time, so taking immediate care of any outages results in reduced downtime. It improves customer experience as any malfunction does not interrupt their interaction with the app or service. Customer loyalty grows or remains the same at the very least, which saves or increases revenues and allows you to retain your clientele. With DevOps, the developers have tools and techniques to manage downtime upfront.

Wrapping up

Communication gaps have always been one of the most significant challenges for software development. Still, DevOps introduces techniques and tools to remedy this issue and make the interaction between various stakeholders smooth and efficient. At Netframe, we offer unique DevOps expertise by our experienced professionals to boost scalability and reach immaculate in-house workflows.

5 Ways DevOps Will Save You Money
netframe April 17, 2023
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