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The Ukrainian company is an integrator of systems for business automation, which develops IT systems for the automation of sales, processes and accounting, websites and chatbots


To replace old forms on the site with new ones, to transfer information from feedback forms from sales to the CRM system, creating a new lead in the lead funnel


 Through the written script, connect to the Odoo account

Connect to the server

Locate the name field in the crm.lead table

Create a new lead according to the forms


 The customer's website has been successfully integrated with CRM Odoo

 When filling out forms on the customer's website, leads with all the necessary information are created in CRM Odoo

Why should you use module Website Form Builder?

The system is easy to use. With the tools available, it's easy to create your own form design. It is very much helpful for blogs and basic landing pages which give the visitor to get the business data that they are seeking

Through form builder, it helps to acquire new customers and create a bond with the existing ones, and will also help to know more about your customer and how to contact them in the future.

 Forms are easy to modify and integrate

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