Odoo integration. Enhance your code with the most requested integrations

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Odoo integration. Enhance your code with the most requested integrations
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Why do you need Odoo integration?

Odoo is an open-source ERP system that covers your needs in handling and management of data and multiple business processes. It helps to streamline your operations and establish robust and effective cooperation between all domains of your business, be it procurement, sales, HR, manufacturing, logistic operations, or accounting. 

Odoo modules and apps integration with third-party software is crucial because it helps to maintain smooth usage of day-to-day applications and enables better control of your business through harmonization between various tools. You can integrate your services with Odoo seamlessly and deploy custom modules, creating a flexible platform which can be changed according to your needs and goals. 

Odoo payment provider integration

Odoo can be integrated with payment gateways and payment acquirers. Such integration will allow your customers to carry out secure transactions in their local currencies and diversify the number of online payment methods. Accepting and sending payments online will be conducted on a separate platform with integrated third-party tools, making the process reliable and comfortable for the users.

Odoo CRM Integration

Odoo connectors will give you access to all data about your clients, orders, and products, so you will easily control and manage your customer relations, improve conversion statistics, and increase revenue using the Odoo platform. Integration of CRM and Marketing tools will help your company to convert visitors into customers, upgrade customer experience, and synchronize sales and marketing with all your services, always allowing your teams to access updated data.

Odoo communication tools integration

You can automate communication processes with your customers and improve open rates by connecting the most used communication tools to Odoo platform. WhatsApp, Telegram, as well as SMS and VoIP – one communication system that will incorporate all tools that you need. SMS is a traditional way of communicating but connecting an SMS FTP gateway to your Odoo will unlock new features such as sending an SMS to your clients with a company name instead of a number. VoIP is a method that allows users to place a phone call over the Internet connection, so you will be able to manage incoming and outgoing calls from Odoo by integrating VoIP servers.

Odoo Accounting system integration

Accounting and financial processes will undergo notable transformation with Odoo integration, as it increases output and automates financial procedures. You will be able to manage income and company expenses, automate the payroll process, create, sign, and issue invoices in a hassle-free manner, generate bank statements as well as file and pay taxes with ease. The processes, which required hours of manual data input in the past, will take only minutes after integration.

Odoo Shipping and Logistics Integration

Different shipping, courier and mailing processes in your company can be effectively handled after Odoo platform is successfully integrated with applications from top-ranked service providers in the industry throughout the world. UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS Shipping integration with your Odoo sales menu will enable quick shipment and reliable delivery to any customer in almost any part of the world.

We are certain that deploying Odoo in parallel with other applications will pave the way for effective management over a variety of business processes, therefore Netframe offers comprehensive integration solutions with different commonly used tools. Such ERP integration should be done with professional support and expertise, so Netframe team is ready for any challenges and will become your trusted expert in this process.

Andrii Bigdan , Co-founder at Netframe

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Odoo integration. Enhance your code with the most requested integrations
netframe January 2, 2023
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