Why Odoo Partners Are Better Than Freelancers?

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Why Odoo Partners Are Better Than Freelancers?
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More and more start-ups and large organizations are choosing Odoo as their reliable partner in the optimization and streamlining of various business processes, ranging from accounting and HR to supply chain management and logistics. The platform gives you freedom to explore other fields which were locked for your company because of poor optimization, integration and support issues. 

At the very beginning of its journey, Odoo concentrated only on the provision of services and did not try to provide all-around support to the customers. But over time the business paradigm changed, and the company started paying attention to other vital domains. 

Odoo shifted away from the idea to provide their services directly to the customers and instead started to develop and sustain a broad network of partners. In parallel, this move also resulted in the emergence of freelancers who provided some Odoo features to the companies. This post will try to answer the question of why the company should go for Odoo partners rather than freelancers when implementing an ERP system. 

Support in the development of small- and large-scale projects  

The Official Odoo partners will help you with a very important step – determine a financial strategy before you deploy certain e-commerce apps or ERP. Moreover, the platform offers an integrated array of solutions, including business analytics and the detection of possible gaps and bottlenecks at all stages of the project.

Deep expertise and high quality

Cooperation with Odoo partner will assure quality work and give you qualified experts with the skill set to resolve specific tasks at different phases of the project – developers, designers, QA engineers, etc. Meanwhile, freelancers’ knowledge may be superficial or not enough to resolve complex issues. Another factor which supports the idea of choosing Odoo partners is certainty in the quality of work because they strictly follow systems and guidelines verified by Odoo.

 Effective coordination

Implementing an ERP by Odoo partner is a systematic process, whereby all deadlines are met. Odoo partner controls all procedures, so you have only to overview finalized documents, approve the results or propose changes and merely wait until the next step of the project is finished. Freelancers usually require more time for their assignments due to restricted resources and very often need more supervision.

Flexible approach to human resources planning

Odoo partners are always flexible in terms of the number of people engaged in the project depending on customer requirements. You will always get the necessary support in the development or implementation process, but the partner will try to maximize the effectiveness and use of human resources to reduce the production cost.

Confidentiality and reputation

All official partners have their details presented on the official Odoo page, so you can always review them with the client references. The category of the partner is not determined by money or time spent in the partnership, but by portfolio and the number of successful cases and implementations. 

Another important factor in choosing a partner is the confidentiality of data. A lot of sensitive information will be shared while implementing the ERP, so Odoo partners maintain high standards to protect your data as well as prevent the possibility of breaches or unauthorized use

Always up-to-date and with access to the source code

All official partners can report a bug or inefficiency back to Odoo because they have access to the Enterprise Edition source code. Freelancers do not have such opportunities, so they are restricted in capabilities. Moreover, official partners receive the latest updates of apps, so they can deploy the solution efficiently

Official partners not only sell the Odoo products but provide full pre- and after-sales support to the customers, following the highest standards and best practices established and maintained by Odoo. Netframe has numerous successful cases in its portfolio, skilled professionals, and expertise to make your Odoo experience stress-free and prolific.

Andrii Bigdan , Co-founder at Netframe

Netframe knows how Odoo can help your business.

Why Odoo Partners Are Better Than Freelancers?
netframe January 17, 2023
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