Expansion of the functionality of the Recruitment module

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The Odoo Recruitment module provides a comprehensive solution for managing the recruitment process efficiently. It simplifies candidate tracking, improves collaboration among hiring teams, and offers valuable insights into your recruitment efforts. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Odoo Recruitment can help you attract, evaluate, and hire top talent effectively. Сustomer requested to expand the capabilities of the module, to add the opportunity to post new vacancies in a special Telegram channel

                             Community Enterprise Odoo 15/16


This module allows you to automatically reveal messages about open vacancies in Telegram channels
The content of the Job Position card has been expanded. Added custom fields
The possibility of automatically sending all open vacancies to the Telegram channel according to the schedule has been added


The module expasstends the Recruitment add-on

  • Further communication - source for further communication
  • Username Social Network - the field appears only when LinkedIn or Telegram is selected for Further communication. Serves to form a hyperlink
  • Expected Salary + 30% - the price is calculated according to the formula: Expected Salary * 1.30

  • Country - place of residence of the employee
  • Comment - comment after the intervie
  • Experience - employee's work experience, it can be specified in months (integer) or years (float)
  • Еhe drop-down list contains two values: months | years
  • Reply Source

Telegram integration

This module allows you to automatically reveal messages about open vacancies in Telegram channels

Install the Recruitment Telegram Bot module. To do this, go to the Main menu/Applications and type in the search 'Recruitment Telegram Bot'. Click Install in the found app.

To promote a message you need to create

 a Cropp Bot telegram

  1. Open Telegram and search for the @BotFather bot.
  2. Click on the "Start" button or type "/start" to begin interacting with the bot.
  3. Type the command "/newbot" and follow the instructions. You will be asked for the name and username of your bot. The name of the bot should end with "bot". For example: "TestBot".
  4. Once you enter the name of your bot, @BotFather will provide you with an API token. This token is required to connect your bot to the Telegram platform.
  5. Save your token in a secure place.
  6. Add the bot to all Telegram channels in which you are planning a job mixer
  7. The bot must have the rights to send messages, check if it is an administrator and grant the appropriate rights

Edit created vacancies in the Recruiting application

 Enter the relevant information in fields 1-9
Enter the name of the telegram channels or their links in field 10 (there can be several telegram channels)