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The client seeks automation of the payroll calculation and payment process for employees working under different contract types, with contracts denominated in the system currency but requiring payment in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Key requirements include wage calculation based on timesheets and accurate cost allocation for projects per employee.

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Main added functionality:




The client's requirements were addressed using Odoo version 17, particularly leveraging the Payroll and Accounting modules.

Introducing a new field, "Wage Currency," in the employee contract

The development team significantly enhanced the standard functionality of the Payroll modules by:

Adding a "Exchange rate date" field in the Payslip's "Other information" tab for currency conversion into Payslips on the specified date.

Including an "Amount in currency" column in the Salary Calculation tab of Payslips

Adding a new "Project" tab to track cost allocation for each project where an employee has worked.

Displaying relevant fields in the list view for all Payslips.

Additionally, a new field was added to the contract structure, automatically pulling the structure from the contract when creating a new Payslip

Furthermore, the "Balance in Currency" field was incorporated into the Journal Items in the Trial Balance


In the Payroll module in Odoo, a powerful and functional platform was configured and meets the client's needs. It allows for effective payroll management.  Additionally, the platform includes a new fields in modulus, supporting multi-currency transactions and detailed expense tracking for project costs.

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Integration with Odoo Ecosystem

Odoo HR seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules such as Payroll, Recruitment, Employee Self-Service, and Time Off Management, providing a unified platform for managing various HR functions.

Efficient Employee Onboarding:

Streamline the employee onboarding process by automating tasks such as document collection, training assignments, and policy acknowledgment.

Leave Management:

Manage employee leave requests, approvals, and balances effortlessly. Set up leave policies and accrual rules tailored to your company's needs.

Centralized Employee Database:

Maintain a centralized database of employee information, making it easy to access and update employee records, personal details, and employment history..

Time and Attendance Management:

Track employee attendance and work hours accurately. Integrate with time-tracking devices or biometric systems for precise timekeeping.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

Post job openings, manage candidate applications, and track the entire recruitment process from initial application to hiring.

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