Integration of Telegram and CRM module in Odoo

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About project

The company is engaged in the creation of online stores and implements all the necessary modules and functions that encourage the user to make additional purchases.  The client wanted to integrate their Telegram channel with the CRM module in Odoo to streamline their lead management process.

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Generate CRM leads from mail

 Customization of status-related processes “Leads” in Odoo CRM

Integration of Telegram with the CRM module in Odoo

Act of completed works in Odoo (Seles process)

Technology Used

To achieve the project's objectives, the team used Python 3x, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Docker Compose. These technologies were chosen because they are reliable, scalable, and easy to use


 After implementing the Telegram integration features in Odoo, our client was able to manage their leads more efficiently and streamline the task management process. The integration with Telegram helped them get leads directly in the CRM module, saving time and effort.

 In the future, the team may improve the Telegram integration by adding more filtering options to ensure that only valid leads are generated in the CRM module.

 For future projects, the team may consider using other technologies such as Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase the scalability and reliability of their solutions.

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