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Integrating Odoo with Instagram can be a valuable addition to your marketing and social media management efforts. Here's a high-level overview of how you can integrate Odoo with Instagram:

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Set Up an Instagram Business Account
Obtain Instagram API Access
Configure Instagram Integration in Odoo
Social CRM Integration


In order to integrate all the data from the instagram account into the Odoo, we used the instagrapi library

 Performs Web API or Mobile API requests depending on the situation (to avoid Instagram limits)

 Login by username and password, including 2FA and by sessionid (and uses Authorization header instead Cookies)

 Challenge Resolver have Email and SMS handlers

 Support upload a Photo, Video, IGTV, Reels, Albums and Stories

Getting started

Module for creating crm.lead from Instagram. 

 First, you need to put the instagrapi library on your service. Then go to the applications and install the instagram_integration module.

 Go to Settings -> CRM and there are the fields that need to be filled in to connect

 Fill in your Instagram login and password, and the last field is storage where the file with the session will be stored (save it in a safe place). After filling in all the fields, click save, and then click the button to connect to the Instagram account

 In the Settings go to the Developer Tools and activate the developer mode

Next step

 After going to the tab Technical->Scheduled Actions

 In Scheduled Action click on the name Create lead CRM with Instagram

 Let's click to run the scheduled action

 Go to the crm.lead module and there are generated leads from Instagram

 After switching to the lead, there is the history of the correspondence

 Also directly from this form, you can respond to clients on Instagram

Why should you use Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules, including Sales, Marketing, Inventory, and Accounting. This provides a unified platform for managing various aspects of your business

Odoo CRM provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, including communication history, opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices, and support tickets. This helps your team understand customer needs better

Easily capture, track, and nurture leads through the entire sales pipeline. Convert qualified leads into opportunities and monitor their progress

Automate repetitive sales tasks such as lead assignment, email communication, follow-ups, and appointment scheduling. This improves efficiency and frees up sales representatives to focus on selling

Odoo CRM can be integrated with email, allowing you to send, receive, and track emails directly within the CRM system. This ensures that all communication is recorded and easily accessible

Organize and prioritize tasks and activities for your sales team. Set reminders and deadlines to ensure that important actions are not overlooked

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