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A company that provides legal services transfers its processes from Bitrix24 to Odoo while maintaining the most identical functionality of the platform on the new ERP
The purpose of customizing the CRM module (Odoo)


 Customization of status-related processes “Leads” in Odoo CRM

Automation of distribution of leads between employees .

Setting up notifications depending on the stage change

Automation of the process of creating an event in the calendar in connection with the change of the stage of the CRM


The module "Regular actions" has been created, which complements the standard functionality of the Odoo CRM module


 The specialist work in the system automatically provides communication with the lead through e-mail and selected communicators

 The system is able to automatically collect and create new leads, delete duplicates, and distribute new leads among sales specialists according to certain rules

 Convenient exchange tools with other programs (data reception or transfer)

 Necessary notifications to the responsible specialist and his manager have been configured

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Integrated with for example, Telegram, Viber, as well as with IP telephony

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