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New York E-Commerce

Company offers a free app for retail shareholders that includes perks, discounts, experiences, and other benefits 


The main task of the project was to administer the ECS clusters on AWS

Also, the elimination of errors, if they occurred

Later, it was decided to use the principle of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and transfer the entire infrastructure to Terraform.

In addition, it was necessary to implement a monitoring system. Writing CI/CD pipelines in GitHub Actions to automate the deployment of all services and programs.


Transfered all the infrastructure to Terraform

Significantly optimised infrastructure, cost reduction, etc

Advised customer on choosing the optimal system for resource monitoring

Rewrote the infrastructure configuration on Terraform, which allowed to get rid of a complex set of scripts and templates CloudFormation

Migrated CI/CD from legacy Jenkins solutions to a more modern GitHub Actions


The infrastructure was optimized, allowing to significantly reduce costs of the customer. A reliable monitoring system has been implemented. All of our CI/CDs work successfully and make the customer's work easier and more automated.

Successful administration of all resources of the company, quick responds to any problems of the customer. Successfully completed infrastructure migration to Terraform.

Infrastructure and CI/CD maintenance has been simplified by implementing technologies such as Terraform and GitHub Actions. ECS cluster was also optimized to reduce costs and resource usage monitoring was configured

Reduce costs of the customer
Easier and more automated. All of our CI/CDs work successfully



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