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Suntech innovation

UK, Israel, UAE  Betting and gambling

This is a betting product development company working in dynamic markets with a full cycle R&D Center in Ukraine. They are responsible for the development and successful continuous delivery of several products presented to international markets. They provide the capabilities, experiences, connections, and innovation of an external organization with the transparency, flexibility, and control of an in-house development team

Betting and gambling


The task was to migrate a large, high-volume betting platform from physical servers to AWS

At the time of migration the platform was not very stable, the availability was about 80%. There were a lot of problems with MySQL replication, which led to the complete downtime of the system.

The task was to transfer the system to more reliable servers. It was necessary to increase accessibility, as well as reduce the cost of system maintenance


The migration lasted about 24 hours

The system was fully migrated to AWS with minimal system downtime, which had been previously arranged with the business




The Netframe team developed an AWS solution based on best practices for security, performance and cost-efficiency..

The complex environment comprises many assets, configured in the right way to ensure smooth cloud operations with minimal errors, and scalability to meet the company's future needs as it grows and implements new technologies to its offerings.


The cost of infrastructure decreased by


User productivity benefits


The availability of the system increased to


Business productivity benefits

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