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Israel  Cloud Infrastructure

Simloud provides one-stop shop for public cloud microservices, automating the entire life cycle of microservices: Infrastructure creation, CI/CD, centralized monitoring, centralized logging, service management, cost estimation & management and troubleshooting.

The infrastructure is hosted in the customer's cloud account for high visibility and control.  

 cloud microservices


The project goal was to create a useful and user-friendly product for the creation of builds as well as product deployment and testing.

It is needed for startups and small teams that do not use DevOps engineers.


At that time, AWS EKS was a relatively new service that combined the features of a clustered cybernetics cluster as well as AWS functionality (security groups, roles, etc.)

As a multi-server architecture, it was necessary to use the EKS server using Ingress for a single point of access to the servers

Create a microservice architecture for the add-on based on AWS servers


The architecture was developed with several POC, the project was launched as a whole product and is now sold on the market

The project core architecture was created based on AWS EKS and Jenkins technologies.

Reduced the time required to deploy infrastructure in the cloud
RIncrease traffic
Reduced service and support costs



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